OS X Lion availible today!

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What exactly are you guys missing on Snow Leopard

that Lions offers? What of these things do you need so desperately that you can't live without it today ? What is so important to risk the running state of your system and thus your productive work?

Sure enough, revamping of Mail, Address Book and iCal were long overdue and reversing the scrolling logic is a good idea. But the current versions are hardly useless. General UI polish is fine, too (Aqua is a bit last decade already). All of that is hardly revolutionary, isn't it?

But hey, maybe I'm missing something myself so consider this a sincere question!

Apart from that, it is generally a bad idea to jump at the very first version of a new OS revision, rather than waiting for the first one or two updates to clear up the usual teething troubles, just like it is generally a very bad idea to install an OS update at the very day it is launched (and without prior backup of your whole harddisk).

And apart from that Apple made it very clear that, from Snow Leopard on, they are following a tick-tock strategy where Leopard was focussed on features, Snow Leopard was focussed on perfomance, Lion is focussed on features and so on. I've already heard a few reports that you can forget Lion on 2 GB RAM machines, which frankly I'm not all that surprised. A friend of mine called me for support to help him get rid of a that went mad after the upgrade, which I'm not all that surprised, either.

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