Micro-Adjustment - missed opportunity?

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Micro-Adjustment - missed opportunity?

Since megapixels are still increasing, the 'weak spot' for many of us are lenses. Many of our lenses maybe "sharp" but are not focusing optimally.

Canon includes micro-adjustment, to take care of front or backfocusing.

But it is really a minimal feature that only can solve a portion of the problem.

If Canon really wanted to address the problem, the would include 16 or more micro-focusing points per lens. The user could adjust each lens at different aperture settings and at different focus distances. Zooms could be calibrated for different FL settings.

At minimum, a prime could be calibrated at 4 aperture settings, at 4 different distances.

This would cure focus shifting - as experienced with the 50/1.2. You could calibrate it for 1M, 2M, 4M and infinity; apertures of f1.2/2.0/2.8/5.6 (Above 8.0 DOF should cover focus error). The lens could interpolate adjustments in between.

Zooms - pick 2 distances, 4 zoom settings and 2 aperture settings.

Yes this would be a "PITA" - but if Canon is moving to 32MP sensors, focusing accuracy and precision needs to be improved. Sending in lenses/bodies to Canon is not a good alternative.

The focus shift of the 50/1.2 could easily be cured 'in-camera' and one reason I avoid it. Calibration problems are only going to get worse unless a firmware change provides more than one micro-adjustment per lens.

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