Why can't Canon stick with ONE name?

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Narcosynthesis wrote:

I believe it was a marketing decision by those who make decisions at Canon - Americans like cool sounding names like rebel, Japanese respond best to a name like kiss, while us Europeans prefer a simple and descriptive numbered system.

i want to point out that this regional naming thing is not unique to canon, or photography. every product is marketed differently based on region. recipes are changed, names are changed, advertisements are changed. it's not just canon.

my car is a "pontiac GTO"... in the US. in australia it's a "holden monaro". in europe it's a "vauxhall". in the middle east it's a "chevy lumina SS".

it's the same car just with different badging and a few minor cosmetic differences.

the problem with the 300-350-400D nomenclature is that it's VERY similar to other camera models, all of which use a ##D or D## naming system.

what's the difference between the 30D and the D30? lots. the 60D and D60? huge difference. and those are all nikon cameras.


all over the place. and those are just from canon and nikon...

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