A850 + New Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX (16g at up to 50MB/s)

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A850 + New Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX (16g at up to 50MB/s)

When I bought the camera a week 9 days ago, I put a 2gig Sony MS in it.

Taking single pictures where no problem, but viewing the picture took up to 5 sec before it would view in the LCD Screen on the camera. This was very weird, I kept on hitting the "View" button because I thought something was wrong. Then the image would appear then disappear because I was hitting the button over and over again.

I then guessed the problem was my (slower) memory stick in the A850 and the large files that now need to be processed then viewed.

So I did some research to find the fasted memory out there. After a several sites and forums, I ran across go with Sony's "Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX".

Picked up the "16gig up to 50MB/s Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX" at Fred-Myers for about $69.99.

Wow, I now press the "View" button and the picture is the instant I release the button. What a difference speed makes with a camera with such large files to process/view.

I went with the 16gig chip so store around 627 "cRAW" files on it. The 8gig chip was cheaper, but it would only hold about 313 "cRAW" files, that is the bottom range of pictures I take about a wedding or a long party. 627 pictures (and using the 2nd chip slot as a backup) should be just fine for my weddings and party's. Way more than I need for a Studio Photo Session.

After doing some searching on the web on the difference from "RAW" and "cRAW", also did some quick test myself, I decided to go with "cRAW" as my file standard. Could not find any difference at all, except for those who are paranoid that "cRAW" would lose PQ.

The only issue I could find is "some" software in the future will not support it. PS/LR3/PP all support it now, so I am confident they will support in the future.

Transfers of files to my PC seem fast, but I am going to wait to do a full BLAST of files until my new Dell i7 PC shows up in a week or so.

Just thought I would share my thoughts, when I was doing my pre-buy research on the A850 I loved reading user's info on the camera. All the info on the DP Review Forum really helped me make an informed decision - thanks everyone!

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