HX100V - colour setting tests ...interesting re shadows

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HX100V - colour setting tests ...interesting re shadows

Hi guys Played around with colour settings and results were interesting ... not only re colour but also re the shadow detail - these shots were taken this evening - note our "lovely" summer weather this year .....another gorgeous sunny day !!!!

A) image 200 shot in A+ (camera selects VIVID colour automatically
B) image 201 shot in P mode (Colour STANDARD) saturation std
C) image 202 shot in P mode (colour REAL) saturation std
AWB set to auto in all instances

Note: the red brick colour of the gable is way off in VIVID, its a bit better in STD and its the most accurate in REAL colour mode - but I think that the image on the whole is a bit dull here and some saturation is needed

...with most of my earlier testing I was preferring the STANDARD colour to the others for most situations - it had more punch than the REAL, and colours were not as artificial as I found VIVID could be in some conditions, esp with flowers and greenery in bright light - where leaves could have a cyan tint and everything looked a bit plastic - also in many images I shot with VIVID colour setting even in P mode. the shadows tended to be a bit harsh and fill in too much -

what surprised me with this round of tests was that in the REAL colour mode there was more detail in the shadow areas than the other 2 colour modes (look at the shadow areas of the tall tree in the foreground and specifically the rear left side window of the car) and shadow areas around the house ... bearing in mind the exposures of image B and C are identical

tried loading slightly larger images where its much easier to see the detail in the shadow areas but they were taking forever to load - sorry ...the STD mode showed a bit more shadow detail than the VIVID but it didnt match the detail in the REAL colour mode

.... must say I'm liking the more detail in the shadows using REAL colour and think that with the saturation bumped up it might just have an edge on the others in terms of overall detail .... maybe its a taste thing but I've always liked as much detail in shadow areas as possible esp with cityscape travel shots where there are always hidden gems in the shadows.... all this is of course very dependant on what youre shooting - if its flowers and fruit and great light I'd probably go for STD .

So much to explore with this camera.....

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