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After spending few hours with RPP, i can finally provide you with a real hands-on experience and following TFM.

Before i do this, please note that i use only Aperture, not ACR/LR/PS and that Aperture did change big their raw demosaic algorithms as of ver 3 .. at least for the cameras i worked with. I process in batch, ie i do not tweak each and every file individually - if something is bad it get tossed, just as with silver - darkroom, and same temp same time for each negative. I do not know how to use layers, and do not use external tools for denoise, sharpen for some time now.

Im not much impressed with RPP for LX5 raw processing (camera i use 90% of the time) and here is why :

1. I saved (as per TFM) settings in history and assigned them to a directory with files in other directories. It was labeled in blue in history. Went back picked up a random directory - OK it applied the settings. Came back this morning, picked up a dir there - no history, no settings - RPP had switched to its defaults and Lab tiff. Only for this pain, i'll toss RPP even if it produced slightly better detail recovery than Aperture 3 for certain bodies only .. It also seems as if one canot set directory default at some root, with directories under - it needs the end directory with the images in it.

2. Processed a bunch of high ISO LX5 raws, yesterday, and made sure the correct setting was used, K64 and all - pull them up in Aperture and compared to the A3 processed same. RPP hasn't touched noise at all in every image, and had washed out colors in some > iso400! Repeated the test today assigning the right settings - same results, noise was visible and more even in a iso320 file

3. No LX5 geometry correction in RPP. Lines are curved everywhere, obviously the profile does not contain barrel and other corrections. Aperture 3 corrects nicely the LX5 distortions, during import / demosaic

4. Dark areas in the images - coming out of the RPP K64 preset (and the rest default) are crushed and virtually no detail left in selected instances, im shooting ev-2/3 and my shadow pull in A3 is only 5. I could not find shadows control in RPP

5. I could not get HL corrections to work in RPP with particular burnt HLs as above : lamps at night, very bright spots, some portion of noon skies, etc - RPP places a stitched white patch where these spots are, while A3 provides the gradation i expect to see and fully preserves shapes / area.

I got some very good, if not better - results using G11 raws, it all could be to do with camera profiling and finding such profile, i cannot spend more time looking for profiles now, im afraid
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