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Re: This thread has got me thinking......

tedolf wrote:

about all the problems point n shoot upgraders have with respect to unfufilled expectation/dissapontment with u 4/3 cameras.

I am concluding that the point and shoots are so good with AE and AF, and the inherent DOF is so vast that expectations comming to an interchangeable lens system with narrow DOF and focal plane shutters is throwing them a lot of curve balls that they can't figure out, and of course many will blame the camera (e.g. "my old point n shoot with it's lage range zoom, built in macro capability and unlimited DOF, flash sync at any speed never had a problem with this!).

I know they can go on line and get help but that is probably a minority. The rest probably just get frustrated and return the camera.

I remember when I started photography seriously (in high school) I had no expectations of the equipment and knew that I was going to have to learn a lot to get good results. So, I took classes and read a lot of books. I suspect many of you did too. The best were the Kodak "Guide" books. Some long, some short but these were excellent for teaching the basics of exposure, DOF, flash photography, effect of different focal lenghts, etc.

Point n shooters don't approach things the same way. You really don't have to know anything to get good resutls because the camera takes care of everything. That just isn't true with a u 4/3 camera and kit lens: flash sync. speed is limited, DOF is limited, zoom range is limited, close focus abilty is limited. All of this can be handled, but it takes knowlege and sometimes extra lenses, flashes, etc.

So, my question is, does Oly need to start publishing the equivalent of the old Kodak "Guides" except maybe call them "Guides to Digital Focal Plane Shutter Photography" or something like that, explaining basics of exposure triad, DOF, manual focusing techniques, etc.? Maybe supply one with each camera?

And I don't mean internet publishing. There is something different about having a book in your hand that you can annotate, write in the margings etc., put down, pick up again, etc.

I know we have the E-pl1 for Dummies but that is about how to work the camera, not basics of photography.

I think the OP's unwillingness and suprise at the idea that he has some learning to do before he can get his u 4/3 camera to do what he wants is proof that somthing like this is needed.

Also, I think it needs to come from a camera manufacturer, not a third party that no one has ever heard of.


P.S. Should this be a separate thread?

Yes, it should be a separate thread, and I think it's a great idea. I've gotten some good use from web resources, but I like hard copy, put in my backpack books for some uses, and this is a good example.

I've seen two examples of P&S bewilderment in the last two days. The first occurred when a friend wanted to zoom in on me holding a walleye, and he didn't understand why the image got blurry when he turned the ring on my 20mm. The second happened when I was taking some evening photos with the 20, and was repeatedly told "Oh, your flash didn't fire!" I finally took a flash photo so I could show them that it wasn't needed, and was actually a rather ugly result.

I'll be looking for the Kodak books when I get home.

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