canon sx230hs high iso

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Re: canon sx230hs high iso

I dont think anyone has the tech to do it into a bigger sensor yet. Not even 1/1.7

But with BSIS you loose the low end of the ISO but gain the high end. Atleast thats what i have been told over at POTN. I dunno anymore...

I dont really want to see canon or anyone to move up in MP in the 1.7 sensors. I'd rather have ISO6400 that looks like ISO800 right now vs 12mp that looks a little better and ISO1600 looks like 800....

kind of like how nikon perfected their 12mp FF sensor.

Thats just me though....I love my high ISO(and fast lenses)....i personally would like to see them go down to 8mp if needed.

ennemkay wrote:

how about a high-end compact with the bsi cmos and 1/1.7 sensor that gives m43 a run for its money in iso performance...

theGryphondog wrote:

A portent of things to come, dare I say?

12mp, BSI CMOS, 1080p HD video, good, really good low light capability (low noise), vis-a-vis the current S95.

Uh, not wanting to irritate anyone I won't say too much.......or make predictions.

But having seen the direction of things with in-camera processing (Sony uses a lot of it with their line), I have a vibe about what is to come. It would appear that Canon is "testing the waters" with similar computer wizardry over mechanical/optical engineering. They have their new CMOS factory West of Tokyo we should all recall.

I'm going to stay away from saying too much!

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