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Re: MisterBG,

In fact, some American institutions/organizations use dd/mm/yyyy, including the military agencies and some with a scientific/internationalist focus.

I flip back and forth because I simply forget the current venue and read too much material from places that use the dd/mm/yyyy format.

I feel a bit of guilt when I've disconcerted someone in a call center whose application screen is set up to enter dates in the American manner. They have to think about what I told them. Not used to that, thinking.

sherwoodpete wrote:

René Schuster wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

Strange, I can see an added note, just below the text box, to any post (including my own) that has been edited.

But that is nothing new, always has been like that.

I'm now editing this post as a test, to see if the note appears. Unfortunately, due to the "one time only" edit restriction, I cannot add any further edits after this one.

yes, your post shows as "Edited", just like mine when I do this, but not as "Moderated".

Also interesting, in "Moderated" the date shows the German way, day, month, year (11/07/2011); in "Edited" it looks like 7/11/2011, month, day, year, the English way.

Is the "Chief Moderator" in charge a German, lol!? Lars Rehm?


More accurately, dd/mm/yyyy is the European way, including Britain. The other way (mm/dd/yyyy) is not English (but rather is American).


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