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knowing camera menus

KwhyChang wrote:

Aleksander Helgaker wrote:

If the touch screen slowed him down, why didn't he just turn off the touch controls and use the standard buttons instead? Can't all the functions still be accessed by using the buttons?

Yes, and he also could have programmed ISO to either the right or the down button, but maybe he didn't look that close in his 3 weeks with the camera.

Yeah, that part surprised me too. Good reviewers know the menu systems of the different manufacturers and help buyers figure out how to program the camera for best use.

I've noticed it very often that Olympus cameras were criticised for complex menus making it hard to get to settings. Even though all Olympus DSLRs and PENs have the SuperControlPanel which makes it very easy to change just about any setting you'd want to use when shooting.

But that's also Olympus' own fault. Why don't they just program it to be active straight away? Or why don't they help reviewers to figure those things out before publishing? And why don't they make it more obvious how it can be activated, e.g. with a set-up menu upon first use?

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