GH2, ETC v CROP mini test.

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Re: No thanks

I think it has it's use, for stills.

I've been using this feature for years, on other Panasonic camera's (FZ line)

It helps with metering, though you can use spot metering, as you mentioned.
It allows you to compose the shot, before you shoot (typical practice)

The results are really good, to.
No degradation to the image, as digital zoom is.

I choose 8MP ETC , on my GH2 . Still enough resolution, for most folk, me thinks:

Last one was cropped a bit, after.

I think it's a good option to have.....just with we could use it , shooting RAW


amtberg wrote:

I really don't see any good reason to use this for still images, unless you're desperately short of card space. The metering in the test is better because the camera only metered on the crop area, but you could do the same thing by using spot metering or exposure compensation. Obviously the downside to ETC is that you throw away most of the image and lose the ability to adjust the framing after the fact.

OTOH, it's great for video because you aren't throwing away any pixels.

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