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Hawk's helicoid adapter

Leica M-mount --> Nex adapter

Brand: Hawk's factory

Description: A so called helicoid adapter. This is a combination of mount adapter and an adjustable extension tube. "Helicoid" is the name of the big threaded mechanism allowing for focusing by moving the glass elements back and forth in an ordinary manual lens. The adapter extends by such a mechanism.

Helicoids for converting lens heads (to allow focusing) are available. Here Hawk's idea is to combine the helicoid with the lens mounting parts at each end and so get an adapter allowing you to move the lens away from the camera and its standard, nominal, position. This in turn gives the user an extended focus range, a shorter minimum focus distance.

Earlier we have seen Hawk helicoid adapters with quite a long extension range. In this case the range is shorter and the reason for that is the need of a small adapter making it possible to focus to infinity.

Every lens is designed its own way. The design decides how much shorter MFD is with an extension tube. The biggest difference in MFD will be achieved with the adapter combined with lenses where the block of glass elements moves very little between infinity and MFD.

Hawk's measures:
50mm with MFD of 1m was able to focus at 0.43m ---- > SUMMILUX 50/1.4 V1
50mm with MFD of 0.75m was able to focus at 0.38m ----- > SUMICRON 50/2 V5
75mm with MFD of 1.2m was able to focus at 0.73m ------ > HEKTOR 73/1.9
90mm with MFD of 1m was able to focus at 0.73m --------- > SUMMICRON 90/2 V3

My 50 Lux ASPH went from 0.68m of MFD to 0.41. YMMV.

In the case of the 50 Lux ASPH we have a lens with floating lens elements. I suspect most of these lenses will behave less good when extending the adapter as the optical scheme is compromised when changing the register distance.

The adapter:
Extension range: 0-5mm
Material: Aluminum with polished mount surfaces (no chromed surfaces)
Focus ring: Plastic
Weight: 44g

Impressions: The build quality is "good enough" but not stellar. The lens mounts without problems but not totally smooth. There is a minor rotational play between the lens and the adapter. The lens with adapter on the camera doesn't give me a feeling of a good tight fit. The total play is at very low level though. No infinity problem with my lens.

The "focusing ring" goes easy and there is no lock at the standard position. The ring hasn't moved by itself yet and while I think the risk for that is small I would have preferred a thicker grease making it harder to turn the ring.

Price and source: ebay seller hawks_factory, USD 179, shipping was USD 7 and took 7 days Taiwan-Sweden

This is an expensive adapter. Before ordering it you may be interested in reading the discussion in this thread for more food for thoughts.


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