No best Nikon DX standard prime lens available.

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No best Nikon DX standard prime lens available.

Well, let me qualify my idea of a standard lens ....

A top quality, well built and extremely sharp and with minimal distortion, compact and solid lens that can be left on ( my Nikon D7000 ) the camera as an all-around ideal compact camera.
In full frame terms, it would be a 35mm focal length.
For DX, that means a 24mm lens.
Nikon does have the 24 AF-D, which I have one of .....

but it does not provide the AF-S or AF-G focus speed, nor is it as fast (only f2.8) like I'd rather.
Nikon has the excellent new 24 AF-G, but it's over 2M dollars.

What I look for from Nikon is a highly corrected and sharp 24mm AF-G f2.0 lens, that has a focus scale and window, is completely internal focus, is highly moisture sealed, and having a 62 or even 52mm front thread. in either DX or FX.

If their 1.4 version has to cost $2M, an f2.0 should come in at about 1 or 1.2 M dollars.

Does anyone else want this sort of prime standard lens ?

'Seems to me a huge gaping absence in the line-up, having made so many lenses with no reasonable ideal standard lens.

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