Who would want a G12 style ILC with FF and APS-C sensores?

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Who would want a G12 style ILC with FF and APS-C sensores?

This one is easy. I love my Canon G10 and the G11 and G12 have proven to be very popular. I like external controls and pocketability and great IQ.

I have noticed that I'm not such an action or sports shooter anymore. I do more family get togeathers, family portraits, and general walk around photography such as landscapes and every once in a while a vacation or even weekend trip where I like to take pictures. I have noticed for some time that I leave my Canon DSLRs and longer lenses home for all of this, except the portraits and landscapes. I have a very good working 1DsMkII since new and of course the usual 300D, 350Xt, 450XSi, and 50D as well as 10 Caon "L series lenses. I find I use the 300D and 350Xti with my 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/1.8 a lot because of the smaller sizes and less weight compared to my other Canon gear. Heck my 500mm f/4.5 and 800mm f/5.6 are so seldome used because they require a sturtsy and heavy tripod and gimbal mount, and they are huge and heavy. But I'm keeping everything because I lole the Canon quality.

Butfor everyday hands free walking around photography I no longer want to carry a p7s not even my caon G10. Now I want a FF smaller pocketable ILC camera system so I can carry perhaps 3 lenses in my other pockets and I want my hands free fro when I'm not taking pictures, nor do I want a camera neck strap, wrist strap, belt pouch/bag or larger canera bag anymore. I want a digital ILC pocket camera system.

So who would want a slightly smaller and more pocketable Canon G-FF or G-1.6 crop sensored ILC interchangeable lens camera?

This could be Canon's answer to the growing populariity of other makers Mirrorless ILC cameras. Yes, out of neccissity for small size their would need to be a new Pocket Canon Lens series. Also for those of us with a large quantity of Canon EF and L lenses Canon could produce a workable adapter to allow all electronic functions for our existing lenses as well. Used this way the system would be small, the camera would still be pocketable but the EF and L lenses would add considerable bulk size and weight and usually will not be very pocketable, well except the 35mm f2 and 50mm f/1.8 primes. Still all in all if your like me with 10 Canon "L" series lenses you may get a lot of use out of your L lenses with a small pocketable Rangefinder mirrorless Canon G10/11/12 body that would accept your lenses via an adapter.

Of course if you purchase any of the new Canon pocket lenses made specifically for the new camera then the system would still fit in your pocket with the lens mounted. Well at least with lenses having FL from 15, 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, and possible 85mm with the 105mm and 135mm and 200mm lenses not as pocketable, but still smaller than any EOS EF lens. I'm very sure there will be several Canon pocket zooms for the new camera as well. Covering 12-40mm, 24-90mm and 70-200mm in the very beginning. If the system proved very popular Canon could provide a much greater choice of Zoom lenes in all FL ranges. How about a 100-300mm and 100-400mm? How about a smaller 500mm lens?

I would want an actual working optical rangefinder AND a live view EVF as well as the usual live view LCD. I would want the new pocket series Canon lenses to have aperture rings with click stops and showing the aperture value on the lens barrel and also distance scales marked on the lens barrel and an AF switch.

So now Canon can beat Leica at the digital rangefiner system with a Canon FF and APS-C crop sensored smaller camera that is truly pocketable and Canon can completly and without question have the superior pocket camera system in every respect better than any u4/3 Panasonic and Olympus, Sony Nex , Samsung and Pentax as well as that other great camera and lens maker Nikon.

I've spent well over $25,000 in Canon gear alone and this gear has proven to be reliable, functionable and produces good IQ so I for one would continue with Canon when the time comes for them to introduce a digital pocket ILC system.
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