Question for 6 bit coding on 90mm Elmarit

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Re: Question for 6 bit coding on 90mm Elmarit

I've heard of Malcolm Taylor and I wonder if he codes non-Leica lenses too

ayewing wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

Not sure of the cost but I don't think that they will do the 6bit coding in UK so the lens would be sent to Germany.

Howard Shooter wrote:


I just bought a second hand immaculate 90mm Elmarit which doesn't have the 6 bit coding...

Excuse my ignorance but what changes when the camera knows what lens you have on the front and if I keep the setting on auto what will the effect be?

If I was to send my lens off to Leica in England does anyone know how long it takes or how much to get the 6 bit coding?

I recently had my Tele Elmarit 90mm serviced by Malcolm Taylor and I asked him to code it. I think the coding added £70 to the cost of the service. He sent it back in 10 days.

If I had not been sending the lens off for service I would not have bothered as coding makes no noticeable difference to its performance but it is convenient to be able to leave the camera coding setting on Auto and know that the lens will be identified in Exif.

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