Urgent: S100FS Settings Required Please?

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Re: Urgent: S100FS Settings Required Please?

I have 200 EXR, which is similar to your S100FS. For indoor shoots that require additional lighting, I recommend a slave flash mounted to your camera with a bracket that is activated by the internal flash or use a modern generic flash (low trigger voltage) with tilt head. Always try to use the external flash in tilt mode, with flash head angled toward the ceiling for indirect lighting to prevent that dreaded "sweaty forehead" look of the direct flash. Since the external flash mount on your camera is not a TTL type, you don't need a dedicated TTL flash (I'm not even sure if you can even get a Fujifilm TTL flash). You will need to get to your venue 30 min earlier and test fire few shots using different camera settings to see what works for you in that particular situation.

I recommend aperture-priority or manual settings. As others have pointed out, poor result in dimly lit indoors is the Achille's heel of most all P&S cameras.

Current generation of DSLRs, even the cheap ones, can handle these tricky lighting situations way better than any megazoom P&Ss.

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