[Photos] China's Changing Cities: Xining

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[Photos] China's Changing Cities: Xining

I just returned from a 4 week trip through midwestern China (Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan). One of the things I encountered was this neighbourhood in Xining, the capital of Qinghai province.

1. The dome of a mosque is seen through rubble of partly demolished buildings in the Eastern District of Xining, the capital Qinghai province, midwestern China.

2. The whole, predominantly muslim, neighbourhood is being replaced by new high rises, only the mosque will remain.

3. A man and his two grandsons sit outside their house. The character '拆‘ spray painted on the wall behind them means 'to be torn down'.

4. Empty houses await demolition.

5. Prayer time at the mosque.

6. Possibly out of protest, someone has written 'don't' (不) in front of a 'tear down' (拆) marking. Construction projects in China are often associated with involuntary evictions.

7. This woman, along with her husband and a friend, was stripping this house of everything usable - wood, copper wires, etc.

8. Construction workers have set up camp in partly demolished buildings.

9. A boy tries to throw a ball at his father, one alley away from the construction site.

10. A group of demolition workers pose on top of a partly torn down building.

11. Tearing out someone's bathroom floor.

12. Residents watch the construction site from their house's roof.

13. One of the demolition workers.


15. A family in the middle of moving out.


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