D7000 safe yet or not

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Reilly Diefenbach
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NO Benefit of the doubt...

There can be no doubt this is the same addlepated soccer hooligan. He isn't intelligent enough to disguise his writing (lord forgive me) "style," which includes a LIBERAL sprinkling of very important words in CAPITAL letters, just to let everyone know he REALLY REALLY is righteous. Too many conks on the old noggin, I reckon.

Trust me, if we let him, he will run into the hundreds of posts, ruining this august forum for the duration.
A sampling from earlier today will be disgustingly familiar:


I've been reading this thread with interest (I've been looking into buying a D7000. Yes, I'm one who doesn't own one. I may do, I don't know as yet.)

Notice the use of "may do." No one in the U.S., whence this three hour wonder claims to live has ever used "may do." That is British English pure and simple, in this case from the greater Tyneside area. As I said, too dullwitted to do a decent troll disguise.

How do you know those "44%" have no experience (you only cite three names after all)? And one of those did say he had owned THREE of them..

Wow, just like Angry-pixel, back in 2010! Who'd have guessed?

If they "do not care", why are there so many posts making personal comments and attacks on the people who DO note problems with their cameras?

For more vintage AP, feast your eyes on this deathless troll-prose:


Who the hell are you to say I need my hand held?

This is exactly the sort of post I was talking about - a personal attack on me.

I am quite capable of making my own mind up, but only an idiot jumps in without seeing if there are both good and bad point to his purchase.

Thank you for explaining to me, by your example, the validity of those so-called "troll posters".

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