Wideangle closeup with 18-200VR and K-1 extension tube

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Re: Wideangle closeup with 18-200VR and K-1 extension tube

pete_mb wrote:

The effect is much more extreme than I'd imagined. With that in mind, I find it a shame that you can't get tubes of around 3-5mm in length, at least not without messing about and risking the AF contacts as you describe with the K-1.

Well it's the way F-mount is made, I guess thinner is not possible. Screw mounts are different...

I think the K-1 should be safe actually, just handle with care, and shave off a bit if you're not certain. Using a cardboard spacer ring and handholding is trickier (one must pay attention to the aperture mechanism, maybe another mechanical AIS coupling on the big cameras).

But the issue could be most conveniently solved by the lenses allowing some more close-focus-throw "overdrive". For instance there are certain AIS wide Nikkor primes which may be relatively easily modded to focus a bit closer than default (like default max magnification around 1:10, modded 1:6, default with K-1 1:3).

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