R2000 vs R3000? Please help :)

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R2000 vs R3000? Please help :)

I am going to buy one of these printers, but totally unsure which one better suits my needs. Hope you guys can help me out

If anyone has both R2000 (or R1900 which is similar) and R3000 (or R2880/R3000/R3800/R3880 which are somewhat similar), please please please comment

My understanding is that the major diffences between the two are

1) R2000 uses Hi Gloss 2 inkset (CMYK + orange + glossy optimizer, mate/glossy blacks), R3000 uses UltraChrome K3 (CMYK + light magenta + light cyan + 2 grays, mate/glossy blacks).
2) Cartridges sit on moving printhead in R2000 and R3000 has cartridges on side.
3) R2000 is newer and cheaper

Now my needs are

1) I am going to use compatible ink. OEM inks are super-expensive, I can't afford it. Probably I'll use CIS and my guess is that CIS would work better on R3000 because it has cartridges on a side, not on the print head. Anyone has experience with good compatibles for Hi Gloss 2 and K3?

2) I print both on matte and glossy papers. R2000 has glossy optimizer. Does it really produce a better glossy prints than R3000? How matte prints compare on these printers?

3) I print almost exclusively in color, but I do like neutral grays in color photographs. E.g. I want gray background in a portrait photo to stay gray w/o visible shift to some color. R3000 is known to produce great B/W, but how bad is color shift of shades of gray produced by R2000?

4) I do mostly portraits and family photos. Natural skin color is super-important for me. My understanding is that R2000 uses orange ink just for this purpose: improve skin colors (compared to R1800 though). On the other hand R3000 is known to produce more precise colors overall. So which one would print more natural skin?

5) Feeding mechanism. I heard R1900 had issues with it, not sure if this was fixed in R2000.

6) Clogging. I heard epson's anti-clog heads clog too much even with OEM ink if printer is not used every day or at least every week. Any reason one of these printers is less prone to this problem?

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