Pentax Q or for the same price the Sony A77

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Re: Pentax Q or for the same price the Sony A77

zxaar wrote:

Bokeh_freak wrote:

zxaar wrote:

may be that someone looking for even wider range than what S90 or XZ-1 provide. Plus Q body could be replaced with better ones and lenses could be reused, though you may again by successors of S90 you still be paying for body + lenses , they might not be cheaper than Q system's body.

Q systems only drawback is lack of DOF control and may be its price as it stands now.

People who want wider range can easily choose the many pocketzooms out there that have 24mm like the Sony hx9. It also has sweep panarama, which the Q does not have.

Care to tell me which pocket zoom offers you 160deg fisheye lense.

And the argument that the lenses can be reused doesn't hold water because the Q body is around $800. You can buy two high-end compacts with lens and body combinations for that much.

The same argument could be said about Nikon d3x because it costs around 8000$ but you see it would be as silly as this one.

If you keep telling that 'for the price of' thing than you can not really buy anything because for any camera that cost you can always buy something else much cheaper until you reach the cheapest thing. For example instead of buying 8000$ d3x or say sigma dp1 you can buy tons of exlims casios but it would not take you anywhere.

price of Q is for many things , for example how is construction of that sony you mentioned compared to Q body??

My comparison with a high-end compact is general valid for most people because the sensor size and performance of a Q and fixed lens compacts are roughly equivalent. You also got better zoom lenses and without the hassle of a lens bag and dust on the sensor. Obviously a D3x is way better than a dp1 or casio because you get a way bigger sensor and better performance. For the price class, it delivers as expected. Now if a dp1 costs as much as a D3x, tell me whether you would be upset or not at the dp1.

Now I can't argue with the fish eye lens. I don't know of any compact that has a 160d fisheye. I also agree that the build is probably better. But that's probably where the savings of using a small sensor goes- the look and feel.

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