Can a ND Filter be simulated on camera or on PP?

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Re: Can a ND Filter be simulated on camera or on PP?

headofdestiny wrote:

I wouldn't worry about UV filters. Sensor glass pretty much takes care of that.

I still see a place for UV filters. Legacy lenses with weaker coatings can definitely benefit more than modern lenses, but that being said for any time I take a very distant picture (landscape) or anything of that nature, I will gladly use a UV filter.

Just to add to it, instead of carrying one I switched over to carrying my Hoya "HD" CPL which is a UV filter / CPL combination which cuts a lot less light compared to most CPL's.

The benefit is that in a good deal of situations where you'd want a CPL, a UV filter may also be a good idea. (clouds)

As for light cut, depending on the CPL some can cut a reasonable amount of light, but you won't replace a good ND filter.

I generally like to carry my "HD" cpl (most used filter), I also have a 2-stop hoya grad nd filter and a 4 stop ND filter. I've cut my filter wallet down significantly from my film days (thank god for WB correction in-camera or in post!)

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