A KEH Oddysey

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A KEH Oddysey

I've been keeping an eye on 14-54 lenses on KEH used camera since I first started expecting the bonus payout. Prices actually went up a bit, probably because of the fossil collectors who want to buy lenses for a dead system (Sorry, couldn't resist).

When I was ready to order, I decided to buy a Mk1 version, EX+ condition for $454 USD. Why the MK1? Because it was about $100 less than comparable MK2, and the lack of CDAF optimization wasn't something I consider a major issue because most of the time when I'm using LV I end up manually focusing anyway.

About 20 minutes after I placed the order I found a voice mail messag on my cell phone. I was to call Arthur at KEH about my order. Hmmmmm. So I called and was placed on hold for about 20 seconds until Arthure picked up. "Yes, Mr. Black, I wanted to call and make sure you are really ordering this lens, and not someone who stole your card or got your info." Wow, right off the bat I'm liking the consideration for the customer. So I confirm I really did order the lens and Arthur tells me he will personally see to sending it off.

The camera was wrapped and boxed as though Arthur expected it to pass through a war zone. The only way the lens was going to be damaged in shipment was if someone dropped it off the truck then ran over it!

I have to say, if this lens is any indication, the rating system of KEH is a little conservative compared to other companies I've dealt with. They say EX+ is ""Excellent Plus" 90-96% of original condition. Exceptionally nice. May have slight wear on finish but visible only under close inspection. Glass very clean*. " That's an understatement. The only thing that keeps this lens from being new, functionally and in appearance, is the lack of a box and warranty card. Usually on a used lens there is some evidence of wear at least where the lens hood has been put on and removed (on the hood itself especially) and I can find none. I did find some visible wear: a couple of light abrasions on the front of the lens cap!

I almost feel guilty, like Arthur accidently put a new lens in the box. LOL

So consider this ramble a whole hearted, 5 star endorsement for KEH camera.

As for the lens compared to my stalwart (and surprisingly sharp) 14-42. Sure, the LV CDAF focus is a bit slower (in one particularly dim situation it locked up the LV for a second.) But the PDAF focus more than makes up for it. In my apartment lit by a single reading lamp and late afternoon north light streaming in from a window, the lens locked focus almost instantaneously,(so quick I almost thought it hadn't) compared to about a second for the 14-42. Now I realize when I start putting my PEN kit together, this particular lens won't perform as well as the MK2. However, I won't be using it on the PEN that much. For me, the experience of the PEN will involve using mostly primes or the m4/3 lenses designed to be smaller to begin with.

As is usually the case with new gear, my creative urge is kindled and I'm ready to put my "new" 14-54 through it's paces.

Next up for my 4/3 kit will be the 50-200, then probably an E-5 body (though I'd push back getting the 50-200 if I find a good price on a used E620). 9-18 is a consideration, though I would probably go with the m4/3 version after I start building my PEN kit.

Why am I investing in a system others feel is dead end? Because I like the images Olympus produces. Is there any more reason than that?

(Don't flame me because my GAS is so easily satisfied LOL)

Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.



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