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Re: Help me get started - Printer - Ink - Calibrator - IPS panel

I have a NEC monitor IPS type that has its own customized I1D2 display and the LUTs are in the monitor. The calibrator is monitor only.

I have a ColorMunki Photo I use for the printer, an ancient Canon S820 six cartridge that came with a lousy driver and profile. To get around the lousy CM in the driver I use QImage since my editor will soft proof but not drive the printer using CM.

In order of priority I would get the CMP to create your printer profile when going non-OEM inks and paper and see how the quality of your present monitor is with a registered profile you create. Also you've seen me and others recommend adjusting your monitor backlight to 50 to 75 percent to keep the best brightness dynamics to result in a 100 to 125 max ft candle illumination for the white chip without extreme brightness adjustments. This can result in a better brightness soft-proof.

The CMP will adjust the LUT in your graphics card and for some monitors if OEM supplied software allows like the NEC Spectraview series adjust the monitor LUTs. When the time comes with LUTs on the monitor you set your card to reference default curves via its drivers and then have the CMP adjust the monitor LUTs.

NEC purchases come either by component or full bundles so you can use your CMP as its sensor according to the instructions.

If you get the CMP first it should be compatible either driving your monitor LUTs or if it won't then it will align your graphics card. I also suggest you keep your present monitor for general computer work and put your IPS monitor on the second port turning it on for editing to reduce backlight aging and extend life. I turn mine on about twenty minutes before an editing session to allow it to stabilize using my old CRT for other uses.

Viewsonic also has some IPS monitors.

On any monitor when calibrating and using it for editing sessions turn of any automatic dynamic contrast and other consumer settings so it is in a linear fixed state.

So . . .

Get the printer of choice and the CMP and see for now how well you do with the present monitor.

Regarding the CMP if you are a Mac user, the current CMP software should be compatible if you upgrade to the Lion OSX version 10.7 according to a recent e-mail from X-Rite.

Go to the support tab on the CMP product page of X-Rite and expand and browse the troubleshooting and FAQ sections for a neat supplementation of the manual. Also be sure you update the CMP application to version 1.1.1 Mac or Win.

BTW I am a Win XP user.

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