1mm paper recommendation for Epson 3880

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Re: 1mm paper recommendation for Epson 3880

Not exactly the same, but the heaviest weight archival class paper I know of is the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 500gsm


Not sure how thick caliper-wise that is. Note that it is a fine art paper, with a very pleasant matte paper feel, but of course it is not glossy.

For non-archival papers probably some form of 'POP board' would be glossier but possibly thicker as well. I'm not sure they make any small enough to fit through a 3880 though. It might only be sized down to 24".


megepson3880 wrote:

I have an epson 3880. I am trying to print on 1mm thick paper (Carolina C1S white glossy 24pt ~ 1mm thick/408 gsm thick). I cannot print on the glossy side, the ink sits on top of the paper. I spoke with Epson support thinking maybe I just needed to adjust my settings, but he said if the print comes out wet, that paper will not work with my printer.

I bought it in large sheets (28 x 40) and had it cut down to my desired size (8x14).

Could anyone recommend an alternative paper of similar thickness that an epson 3880 will print on?

Thank you.

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