BLURB : Never again !!!

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BLURB : Never again !!!

Hi there,

So here's the story ; 2 years ago I decided to try out Blurb and printed my portfolio with them. The options I choose were : lustre paper "upgrade" & soft cover book.
Well, the results were dull, with poor detail rendition & underexposed shots.
My local supermarket provide better results for less money.

2 weeks ago, I saw an advertisement from Blurb on the internet. They were promoting the new " ProLine " finish. After looking @ their videos on their website with the Brad Pitt look alike dude jubilating on the results, I decided to give it a try.

The pricing jumped from 25$ to 55$ for a Proline pearl photo paper with Imagewrap hardcover, so I guessed it could only offer some pro-grade results @ this price... I just received the book in my mailbox & the results are just awful !!!

  • The book feels extremely light, it looks like a free revue or a 5$ book.

  • The so-called "ProLine end grey sheet" looks like recycled WC paper.

  • Skin tones look like pig-skin (magenta mask) this isnt about monitor calibration (spyder calibrated) or color space.

My local Costco prints it right, so do my other pro-labs.

& here comes the best :

  • Moire pattern everywhere ! red dot on the print ! Label glued on the back !

  • Noise & jpeg artifacts !

  • Extremely poor contrast, density & resolution.

  • The Proline Pearl paper looks like Toilet paper too.

For about 30$ more, you get the same poor results (even worse actually).

Well, it appears that the blurb software will over-compress the files (I checked the full resolution option) that will develop moire pattern on repeated textures (like clothes). In the "virtual preview" of my book, I could see the pattern but never imagined that it would be printed from this compressed preview !!! Besides, skin tones look right on their preview.

My full sized pictures are pattern & moire free.

here are some illustrations :

Blurb is a scam.

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