G3 review samples and colour issues

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G3 review samples and colour issues

I have been considering purchasing a G3 for the last few weeks now along with 3 or 4 lenses to replace my previous Fuji S2/Nikon lens system. The size/weight and spec fits my needs perfectly.

However, on reading the review of the G3 and looking at the latest sample photos posted, I have a few reservations.

For example, the photo of the Pike Place Market here:

and a similar shot here:


...both show evidence of a strong magenta cast. Particularly in the grey sidewalk areas.

These were at ISO1000 and 800 respectively which might have skewed the cast a little, but if you look at the photo of the popcorn stand taken at ISA160 here:


...again there is a pink cast particularly noticeable in the white notice in the foreground.

And then you have the picture of the couple here:


...which shows no evidence of any cast - the mid tone greys are nice and neutral and skin tones are very good.

What is going on here. Why can the camera give a perfect result with the couple and then such a poor result with the other two photos?

Do any G3 owners have any experience of this cast. With the G3 having ticked a lot of boxes for me, I was disappointed with these sample photos. The cast can be removed, but this adds considerable time. Likewise if, as the review seemed to indicate, the JPEG rendering is at fault and the RAW files are much better, then this also adds considerable time to post processing. Life is too short for this I'm afraid.

Any comments would be welcome please.

Thank you
Mike Cryer

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