Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Phil Hill Senior Member • Posts: 2,757
Epson and clogging

Petruska wrote:

Do a test for us, don't use the printer for a week and let us know if there is a skip or so in the nozzle check.

Only end users are going to be the reliable source if it clogs or not. I can't see any major improvement with the anti-clogging efforts of the R3000 over previous Epson printers. Now if they would have changed the ink chemistry then I would be a believer....

The behavior of Epson pigment printers is already very well-known and I’m not going to stop using my R3000 simply to satisfy curiosity. However, I’ve not seen anything from Epson indicating that they’ve made any changes that would affect clogging, so I’m not sure what you mean about being a believer.

I can say that in the three months or so that I’ve had the R3000 there have been a couple of times that I exceeded two weeks of non-use and the nozzle checks were fine. But I’ve also had that experience with other Epson printers, so I don’t think it’s especially significant. (And I do know that others have had clogs in less time.)

By the way, except in rare cases I typically print on weekends, so five days of non-use is the norm for me.

What I was really asking about, though, was the nozzle size. If you’re right about the nozzles being smaller then I’d certainly expect that the R3000 might be more finicky than previous models.

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