Anyone want a try at this one?

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teohenwhy Forum Member • Posts: 50
Re: A better idea...............

I actually did do that. It's titled " My daughter " and I have gotten some good edits from a few people . Thanks.

Ralph Ramirez wrote:

Wasn't thinking last night but why not post your image and let everyone interested in this forum edit your image? If you can't upload your image I would be happy to do it for you. Just email it to me and give me permission to do so. It is amazing what results you will be sure to get then you can pick the one you like best.


Ralph Ramirez wrote:
Be glad to, email it to me and I'll get to it as soon as I can............Ralph

teohenwhy wrote:

If I sent you a picture of my daughter can you see what it would look like if you edited the same way. Without changing the background.

Ralph Ramirez wrote:

Thank you. I made a selection of the young cowboy including the stumps. I dropped in a new background then blurred it. Brightened the eyes, levels to pop the colors a bit. I then created a flattened layer Ctrl> Alt> Shift> E. Converted this layer to a smart object. Used Filter/other/high pass with a high number to oversharpen the image. I then loaded the selection of the cowboy, inverted it, filled it with black adding it to the mask that was created by the smart object when running the high pass filter. This restricted the sharpening to the cowboy only. I then reduced the opacity to get the amount of sharpening I wanted. With the mask selected and using a soft low opacity black brush I brushed out any bright spots or some still over-sharpened areas. I added a vignette by adding a blank layer, using the rectangular marquee tool with a feather of 100 pixels, inverted the selection then filled with black finally reducing the opacity as needed. Done. Hope this makes sense, my thoughts and typing don't always agree........Ralph

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