Does a bride have a right to all her wedding photos?

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The fact that the digital technology allows you to take a couple of extra "backup in case they blink" shots doesn't mean it's a shotgun approach.

I worked with a pro wedding photographer for a few years when I first started out with digital (he still used film at that point) and he had me take a back-up shot of each group shot and was happy to tell the customers so - it didn't interfere with proceedings or annoy the guests one bit. It was all part of the day.

But I know he limited his shots with film (to keep prices down) and it didn't matter how good a photographer he was (very good) he still got the "eyes closed" shots irrespective of what techniques he tried with film. Digital has helped to eliminate that issue and increase the opportunity for candids.

It's how you take those extra shots that counts - not the number of them.


AlecThigpen wrote:

And therein lies problem of the current popular shotgun approach to shooting digital weddings and other events. Shoot fast and shoot a lot, hoping one in three will turn out to be useable, rather that shoot specific carefully planned photos that are good or great because you planned it that way. The skilled photographer has a plan, has the knowlege of composition, lighting (both ambient and flash), and sees what is coming up next. Technical stuff is committed to memory and doesn't require much conscious effort or time. He knows how to hold the attention of a group to minimize the likelihood of blinks and look-aways. He can speed up or slow the process so as not to stack too much too close together or have things drag out too long. The professional doesn't eat the food unless invited to, and doesn't drink the wine or champagne while on the job, even if offered. Well that's how it used to be in the old days among suit-wearing professional wedding photographers.

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