what is the next new Nikkor? your guess

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what is the next new Nikkor? your guess

So the new 40/2.8 micro was a bit of a surprise and is certainly going to be a welcome addition to the DX shooters.  Nikon kept it real quiet.  Nikon Rumors missed the 40/2.8, I saw the news first in this forum, so does their guesswork have any link to an actual rumor or is it a made up list like the below.  Does byThom have an inside lead on what's next?

what's next?

one of these, or something else :

  • updated 80-400 with VRII

  • updated 105 and/or 135 DC (I don't think they'll update these two)

  • updated 300/4 with VRII

  • a new FX 400/5.6 or 500/5.6 VRII

  • a new FX 28/2.0 AFS (an affordable option between the 24&35/1.4)

  • a new FX 18/4.0 AFS

  • a new FX 50/1.2 AFS

  • a new nonDC 105/2.0 (affordable alternative to the 85/1.4)

  • a new DX 15-60/4.0 VRII

  • a new FX 100-300/4.0 VRII

these are not overly imaginative, and none of them look to be Mission Impossible?

Will the timing of the D400/D4 (D800) be linked to any new lens announcement?  An autofocus 50/1.2 could be exciting with a D4 launch. Or do Nikon usually leave a time gap and release camera bodies on their own?
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