Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Re: Well....

Do a test for us, don't use the printer for a week and let us know if there is a skip or so in the nozzle check.

Only end users are going to be the reliable source if it clogs or not. I can't see any major improvement with the anti-clogging efforts of the R3000 over previous Epson printers. Now if they would have changed the ink chemistry then I would be a believer....

As others have stated it depends on where you live and the humdity content. I can go to my 40% humidity level room and print all day without a skip in a nozzle check. If I turn the A/C on in a few hours while I print I notice a skip in a print and run the nozzle check and sure enough there is a skip, a few more nozzle checks and still skips. Let the printer sit all night in the high humdity and the next morning no skips in the nozzle check.

Bob P.

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