Don’t use white paper for white-balance (with examples)

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Re: Don’t use white paper for white-balance (with examples)

jeffcpix wrote:
"No matter how much you spend, the best you can achieve is a pleasing/adequate
representation that satisfies your level of scrutiny and your wallet."

Greystar replied:

"I would think people who reproduce artwork for a living may have a different opinion."

Having photographed artwork for reproduction for a living for too long, I have never seen a reproduction that matched the original. There's something about converting
color from one medium to another that prevents it from ever being an

accurate (or should I have said 'perfect') match -- my original comment was an attempt to list a few of the problems one is likely to encounter in the attempt to do so.

I'm sure that it is possible to reproduce 255/255/255 or 120/120/120 or 15/15/15 accurately (albeit out of CMYK dots or RGB pixels) by using WB --

it's all the other 'off the chart' combinations that one finds in life that make for complications. And which too often end up in the same scene with that pure patch. Having a reference patch does nothing to solve the inherent problem of gamut, light sources with discontinuous spectra and color contamination.

Of course some of us apply higher standards than others -- if the
customer is satisfied, why burst the bubble?
I wish everyone who attempts to use WB and out of the camera jpg good
luck when it comes to achieving the best color rendition their system is
capable of.

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