Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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JJ Winkel wrote:

I am curious to understand how you do this, do you mean having the cling film running under the print head and round the whole head ?

I live in south France and it's pretty dry and hot too.

First - link to the utilities for Epson printers NOT covered by the SSC utility. You can find appropriate utility from these websites so DO make a note and add to your Favorites/Bookmarks - you never know when you might need this. Utilities cover waste ink counter resetting and cleaning specific heads/colours. You can select language on the website as link will be for Spanish.

Regarding the cling film, if you set printhead into "change cartridge" position, then unplug the power lead (NOT switch off the printer as that will just repark the head) you can then move head freely side to side - this is procedure for installing a CIS. You can then easily get the cling film under the head and wrap up and around sides and top. One wrap is sufficient to help reduce any possibility of drying out due low humidity. I know some people will put a thin linen (like handkerchief material) under the head, doubled, with some 5% Ammonia (which is main ingredient of Windex as regards head cleaning) first but must admit I personally do not bother. I also know some only put the cling film around the head (not under) with plenty to spare and that also seems to work OK.

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LINK: For B+W with Epson 1400 (and other models) using black ink only PLUS other useful tips:

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