Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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A couple of points!

Hi Steve,

I have always left my printers ON - many Epson and Canon printers will run auto-cleans at intervals - which although not exactly fine if using expensive OEM cartridges, is OK if a CIS is installed.

Cleaning cartridges are available - if going to leave a printer for some time, replace the cartridges with same (wrap removed cartridges in plastic) and run a couple of cleans. When wanting to print, replace cartridges, run a clean and in most cases, only one clean will have the printer running again. If leaving in hot conditions (here in Spain, high up in mountain village, low humidity) wrap printhead as well as possible between uses with kitchen cling film. I would mention that I have left my 1400, with the pigment inks from, for just over 3 weeks on several occasions, with head wrapped as mentioned - no clogs during past couple of years - and none if printer left for a week or so between uses.

Running a head clean once a week is surely not exactly a massive job, whether you work 12 hours or not if that will keep everything working OK - surely far better than spending all the time and wasting ink you mentioned! A clean - ALWAYS followed by a nozzle check!!!! - takes but a few minutes start to finish.

There are utilities available to clean specific colours - do some searching. I am currently working on my little netbook so cannot access records on my desktop but when I can, will post the link here for you. The SSC utility may well work with your model - check it out to see.

However, there are some other specific hacks for printers not covered by the SSC utility that are excellent and offer lots more in way of servicing a printer. Watch this space @^@

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LINK: For B+W with Epson 1400 (and other models) using black ink only PLUS other useful tips:

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