Home-made 58mm HX100 Adapter: Tutorial

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Home-made 58mm HX100 Adapter: Tutorial

Thanks to NS3HX for his excellent post:
HX 100 Super Simple, Cheap 52mm Filter adapter...!!!

NS3HX used a 49-52 step-up-ring because he already had a lot of stuff on that diameter, and with 52mm there's no trouble when camera lens retracts inside the housing because adapter results with the same diameter as camera lens itself.
A very clear design indeed!

And here's my version and how I made it.
... but with a 49-58mm step-up-ring.

Same as NS3HX did, I first got this plastic bottle (black) assuring that the exterior diameter was very near to 50mm (± 0.5mm no more, no less) I used a vernier for checking that. The product cost me only 2 bucks... but I still keep the shinning liquid for my car and home furniture, so it really was for free.!

I cut a ring about 6-7mm wide (I didn't want it to go very deep inside lens housing when retracting) and used sand paper to smooth and level both borders.

I helped with the 49/58mm step up ring to maintain it straight while sanding it and didn't forget to sand the borders (45 degrees) the way no sharp-end could hit or block the lens housing from retracting (zoom motor and camera could be seriously damaged if this happens).

OK, here I have the two necessary parts needed to make the "58mm Lens Adapter for Sony HX100V".

All I have to do is to paste both of them together using just enough cyanoacrylate on the threads of the step-up-ring and join them.

Also put some cyanoacrylate on internal side, between the two rings.

After that, cleaned the white stains produced by cyanoacrylate vapors with a humid cloth and finally used a black permanent marker and/or a brush with acrylic black paint to retouch details and finish a very fine work, perfect industrial finishing.

And here it is!. I got my fabulous HX100V adapter ring.

Fit it over the camera lens taking a lot of care of not forcing the zoom mechanism in any way (zoom motor and camera could be seriously damaged if so). For that I zoomed all the way out and handled the camera only by the lens while fitting it over. Pushed on lens until it fit over but taking care to leave enough space for the Adapter did not hit the lens housing when retracting (here it is with an additional UV filter already on).

Don't forget: Be careful to leave enough space, the Adapter (step-up-ring part) should not hit the lens housing when lens retracts (zoom motor and camera could be seriously damaged).

Look at the 1mm gap I leaved between Adapter (58mm step-up-ring part) and lens housing.

58mm Adapter on camera.

Adapter on camera and a 58mm UV filter.

Adapter on camera and a 58mm 10x Macro lens.

And with UV filter and the cap on.

Thanks for your patience.

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