Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Re: Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

Why isn't there a way to remove the ink cartridges, cap them and replace them with a non dye ink substitute that will clean and keep the nozzles wet for up to 6 months? Putting a printer in storage for six months should not render it useless. ( Ok, so now somone will post there is a way.)

I currently have three Epson's running, a 1400, a 2880 and a 4880. Two pigments and a dye machine. No clogging.

I'm believing that humidity is the important factor with people having constant clogs. My humidity is usually about 45-50% in the room where my printers live. I have one of those humidity gauge thingies in the room.

Most of the third party ink suppliers offer empty cartridge sets and cleaning solution for maintenance and storage of your printer. I know Inkjetmall sells them. I've seen them at other vendors, too.

Get a set and replace the inks if you are not going to print for a while. 2880 cartridges are self capping and should not leak when removed from the printer. Store them in a plastic bag and install the cleaning cartridges. Run a few dummy prints to flush the ink from the head and rest at ease. When you need to print, replace the ink and flush the cleaning solution out of your nice clean printer.

Also, if you do the unthinkable and get a drop of ink on the carpet, the cleaning solutions will remove it completely before your wife sees it.


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