Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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Re: Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

Yes, it is very important to print at least every few days. Ambient humidity is also important. Specially in a heated home or overly air conditioned environment.

I understand what you must be going through. I too have pigment based epsons and recently had a problem with my R1900's orange ink being a clogged. Only an AUTO nozzle cleaning run ( it took two attempts ) cleared it up. Luckily I have a CISS installed on it so the ink used wasn't really an issue. The amount of ink that made it to my external wast bottle was impressive in a ridiculous way!

I now run a utility to print a purge chart every week, whether I initiate print jobs to it or not.
It is available thorugh

I have it set to print a purge chart on several printers once every week.
Great for when you are away from home.

So far, they are all runnning clog free.
Hope you can unclog your printer.

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