Epson R2880 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

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You are sure correct!

I just bought the Epson 2880 and need to print at least once a week or there will be a clog and as you state once you start cleaning usually one cartridge goes empty, so you replace it and then it does an auto clean on all carts because you just replaced that cartridge, now with that new cleaning cycle another cart goes empty, so you now need to replace that one and it triggers another auto clean cycle until you just blew through all the 8 color carts which now tells you that the 1st new cart you just changed is going empty.

I have some bitterness against the Espson engineers. I also own a Canon PRO9000 MK II dye printer. If one needs to run a nozzle clean, the cleaning routine allows you to choose slective cartridge cleaning; All Colors, Group 1 of only 5 colors, and Group 2 of 3 colors. Thus you minimize the ink sucking damage that these nozzle cleans do. Also if a major clog appears, you remove the Canon print head and soak it in water overnight, or soak in in Windex with ammonia and usually the clog is gone (can't remove an Epson print head) without using any ink at all!

The Canon PRO9500 MK II pigment printer has the same selective cleaning routine and print head removal feature.

So Epson please copy the Canon...

Bob P.

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