HX100V - what i love in 100V so far.. and some queries..

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HX100V - what i love in 100V so far.. and some queries..

after months of wait of my HX100v and meanwhile going through many articles and posts here, i was sure i was looking for upgrading from HX1.. and then the moment came finally and i touched my 100v yesterday :).. it felt very nice really :).. and when one touches and feels a successor after having used a predecessor for a long time, one is bound to compare between what he/she likes/dislikes in the new...

so.. these are some of my immediate likes and dislikes between 100v and HX1 : duration span, just couple of hours of 100v in my hands:

  • tracking focus feature.. wow.. seems cool... click the round selection button when you are preparing for the click, adjust the camera over the subject you desire in the frame, click the selection button again, wow, now the camera would try to focus THAT area in the frame.. love this feature in 100v..

  • very smooth high definition smooth movies in 100v...

  • taking snaps while making movie.. cool feature

  • intelligent auto+... this mode seems to be giving very nice results..

  • manual ring.. hmm.. i find it useful for zoom.. i find it not much responsive for manual focusing.. but it must be me.. need to get more used to if i am to manual focus with that ring.. but for manual zoom with ring, useful...

  • touch and feel.. 100v feels little more bulky than HX1.. wow its 10x more mechanism and with much better CZ glass anyway.. so it could be expected to be slightly more bulkier than HX1.. touch HX1 and it feels more smooth and sleek.. not to say 100v is not sleek, but in comparison to HX1 when i touch and feel 100v, HX1 touches and feels more compact and smoother.. sure its me..

  • lens cap.. small thing and should be ignored may be, but the lens cap could have been better.. 100v feels and clicks more plasticky when you place it in.. and i have to apply slight force to make the other end go in.. could have been better ? is it me?

  • inbuilt help function (? button).. good information provided in there... nice feature.. well, applications have online context sensitive help.. so why not gadgets .. cool addition..

  • white balance shift, nd filter.. need to see more what it could be.. its me.. I dunno..

  • i dont see dedicated macro button... does it mean its all auto sensing macro now..

  • many additional/updated scene modes like skin mode and 3D.. cool.. need to explore more

  • photo quality.. :).. million dollar question aint it.. guyz, it has been just a couple of hours with 100v in my hands.. and its raining outside with all overcast cloudy low light condition out there :).. I look outside few times to get the sun out.. and wish to click the world.. will post more as I get it.. sure i can atleast click some indoors :).. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1009&message=38911541

  • accelerometer while viewing burst images.. cooooool.. why not.. with advancements in technology and motion movement fluidity detection, cool additions getting in gadgets.. nice..

  • lcd hinge on lower side compared to upper side of HX1.. i more like how it is in 100v.. we kinda tend to pull from below and seems to work more natural in 100v...

  • MR function.. settings memory store and recall.. seems to be cool required feature.. need to explore it more though..

  • the viewfinder of 100v... could not like it.. i find it much too cumbersome compared with HX1.. dont you guys feel 100v evf to be very small?.. cant help it yeah.. i know.. but dont you feel it much more smaller and less resolution than HX1... HX1 evf, more eye space in the evf and images look more clean.. in 100v, move your eyes IN the evf and i see ghosting (color aberration kind of thing) in evf.. is it me?

  • the USB cable.. much relieved to see the big bulky end of HX1 go and replaced with a sleek compact connector on camera side.. also connector covers of 100v.. much better in 100v than HX1.. it was slightly difficult to open and close HX1 rubber covers.. much more clean and convenient in 100v plastic connector covers with springs.. pop it opens and close.. nice needed improvement.. like it..

  • background defocus mode.. I find it impressive.. needs some getting used to as to who far should be the subject and gives better results on a certain level of zoom.. but very nice feature I believe..

  • eye sensor for evf lcd switch :).. supppper coooooool.. thank you thank you thank you.. :).. no more compulsory pressing the evf/lcd button.. just put the eye in there, see in evf.. click.. and see in lcd, the preview is there.. and move on for the next click.. very very nice

That’s it for now.. MAY BE this also gets useful to those so many out there who are looking for more and more hands on views from ppl who have it.. becomes useful sometime... thanks for reading.. hope it helps

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