Monitor calibration nightmare

Started Jul 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
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robertofabbri Regular Member • Posts: 366
Monitor calibration nightmare

Months ago I purchased a new 30’ display, Eizo SX3031W and I had problems ever since with color profiles. The new display is on a 17” anti-glare MacBook Pro 2010.
Eizo offers all controls Gamut, Gamma, contrast, luminosity, etc.

With standard setting Gamma 2.2 and 6500K there is always too much red and contrast; I tried to calibrate it with an old 1Display and the most recent software, but it did not work; after reading different reviews I purchased Spyder3 Elite.

After several calibrations, results were all the same, images after calibration have more red and contrast than using the native SX3031W display color profile. I am using a Fuji color palette as a point of reference.

An excellent improvement was made on the MacBook display, the Spyder removed most of the red/magenta, the Fuji-film palette looks much better, colors are definitely more balanced.

I perfectly understand it is impossible to match different kind of monitors, but the colors I see on the MacBook display are by far better than on the expensive Eizo; but what is really deceiving the Fuji film color palette looks much better on the cheap Acer monitor on my PC!

I can improve the Eizo a bit if I lower the Gamma from 2.2 to 2.0 but certainly this is not the correct solution.

I really don’t know what to do; images processed on the calibrated MacBook display were printed at good lab in San Francisco and they look O.K., I did not print yet images processed on Eizo, I live in Belize, Central America and we do not have pro labs.
Any assistance would be mostly appreciated.
Thank you.

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