Who would like Pro DX long telephoto lenses?

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I have a list of lenses I'd like to see!

Brandon birder wrote:

Nikon do great pro lenses and I have a 300mm F2.8 and 500mm F4.
I am very happy with them apart from their weight.

I use a DX crop camera D7000 and would love a made for DX 500mm F4 to reduce weight. At the moment I can manage the weight (just) but as I get older it would be good to use a lighter lens of same quality.

Does anyone else wonder why there are no Pro DX primes?
Who would like some?

People have already mentioned by a 300 or 500 dx lens isn't practical. There are a number of lenses that would be practical that Nikon has missed entirely.

For DX:
12mm DX - (18mm 35 equivalent)
13.5mm DX - (20mm 35 equivalent)
16mm DX - (24mm 35 equivalent) This one is rumored to be near.
A PCE DX in the 14-17 mm range

I'd also like to see something between 55mm and 60mm at F1.2 for DX. A stunning portrait lens!

40-120 F2.0 AFS VR DX - A lens with the extra aperture needed for DX portraits.
40-120 F2.8 AFS VR DX if the 2.0 lens isn't possible (though I think it is!)

Those last two lenses might be able to come down to 30mm on the short side and could be as high as 135mm on the high side. It would make for a stunning indoor sports lens!

For FX: (And the long lenses)
200mm F4.0 AFS VR macro with a three way focus limiter.
300mm F4.0 AFS VR
80-400 F4.0-5.6 AFS VR (Long overdue!)
400mm F5.6 AFS VR (Long, light, sharp!)
400mm F4.0 AFS VR (Yep, no zoom. Just the straight 400 at F4!)
500mm F5.6 AFS VR (Longer, not as light, very sharp!)
600mm F5.6 AFS VR (Really long, still quite light, very sharp!)

Some of these are known compromises from the "state of the art" lens designs currently being made. However, older photographers would love the weight reduction and with the "state of the art ISO" being used, the compromises are not as great as they used to be.

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