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Re: NX - mir'less observation!

I started photography when I bought the NX10 in April 2010.

First I wanted a GF1 but it was too expensive so I bought this tiny NX10 with 30mm pancake.

What I like most from this style of camera is that it is smaller than DSLR and lighter.

I don't feel the need of a smaller camera than this. I am not particuary tall but I already feel the NEX5 is too small to be handled confortably for me.

The NX10 has the perfect size for me and I dont want it to change either. I'm not for the size race...

The other points which make me to LOVE this type of camera is that I love using legacy lenses...and it is much easier than using a DSLR.

First...you have the EVF to help you a LOT. Second, there are plenty of adapters and as the bodies are smaller you don't need to modify your lens to make it fit the body.
That is a really strong point for me.

As I use manual lenses only I dont care about AF speed. So...there is nothing which attracting me anymore on the side of DSLR since it is bigger and heavier, more expensive, less discret, not as easy to operate for manual lenses as there is no EVF and adapting old lenses is often harder.

The only thing I do miss from DSLR are the FF cameras.

If we could have an FF ILC...that would be so awsome.
But...today...I don't really need it.

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