15" Macbook Pro vs T60 (IPS Flexview)

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Marco S Hyman
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Re: 15" Macbook Pro vs T60 (IPS Flexview)

From a UNIX perspective OS X sucks less. Open a terminal window and you'd think you were running on a FreeBSD machine. All of your UNIX scripts will work. MacPorts will let you compile/install anything that doesn't come stock on the machine. It is this reason that I turned into a Mac user about 4 years ago. I needed some things that weren't available on the UNIX variant I was using but didn't want to loose all of the tools and existing work flows built up over the previous 20 years.

I'm happy I changed. Best of both worlds, so to speak. For me the choice would be the Macbook Pro, although I had 2 or 3 T-series thinkpads over the years and was quite happy with them once I removed the native OS.

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