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Stan Prevost wrote:

I have also looked at wireless print servers by Linksys and D-Link.

You don't need a print server. The 7900 works well when connected by Ethernet. So what is needed is an Ethernet connection, either via a cable, or the wireless equivalent such as the Buffalo device.

The Buffalo only has 10/100 Mbps ethernet ports, maybe 10 MBps after overhead. But my existing wireless network is 11G (54 Mbps) so it will be the limiting factor unless I upgrade it.

The printer's Ethernet is 10/100. With the cable it is very fast. Your G network is rated at half of 100. Nobody gets a full 54, but then nobody gets full 100 over wire either. My current wireless access point is G. I will just try that for now. As I'm used to the wired Ethernet, it will be interesting to see if I notice a slowdown when using wireless. For both of us with printers in another room, I expect it will be a non-issue since we won't be sitting next to the printer waiting for the print head to start moving.

I remember reading somewhere that someone from Epson recommends using the USB interface when possible.

What printer? For the professional printers I suspect Ethernet is preferred. There are some features that I suspect aren't available when using a USB connection.

For example, the printer has the ability to communicate over the internet with a printer management service hosted by Epson. See:

I haven't tried it as it seems a bit much for my usage of the printer.


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