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The Supposed "DSLR Killer" Just Might be Killed-Off Itself!

NYGuitarist wrote:

CanoNils wrote:

It is now 5 years since Red spoke of the Scarlet....(sigh)

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Late 2009 is 2 years. How does that equal 5?

Pray tell what will the Big RED ONE , and their army of viral marketing defenders do when/if Canon, Sony, or Nikon includes the ability to shoot in 4K RAW HD-Video on one, or all of their FF, larger 35mm sensor - that also come with a vast array of native, high-level lenses availability from Canon, and Nikon - that don't require any kind of an adapter, or other 'work-arounds' to fully utilize.

Oh.....and they would still sell for about a tenth of what RED is selling their ala carte cropped sensor bodies for.

Red will "kill the DSLR", IF they ever release a true 35mm unit that sell for under 10K. Until then, they will remain a high-end niche HD-Video option that only the well-funded can afford. A 14MP crop camera (4K HD-Video abilities notwithstanding) will never trump a primarily still-imaging 20-35MP 35mm DSLR selling for 8K, or less.

In fact, if Canon, Nikon, or Sony decides to seriously upgrade the HD-Video implementation in their next-gen of higher-end FF DSLR's to match, or exceed what Red is already producing, then it is RED who's in a bit of "trouble", and could end-up being eventually "killed" by these far larger, and vastly more technologically & financially capable companies.

It's not nice to fool with bigger mutha companies.....

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