HS10 vs. Pentax k-r: Butterflies - only in flight

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A small correction Kim

The user here says that he has trouble with the continuous drive and burst rate and you referred to the Nikon D5100.

The Nikon D5100 has a rate of 4fps
The Pentax K-r has a 150% of this rate with 6fps

This said, the D5100 is clearly the better cam and has better IQ than the K-r - I agree.

I believe the thing here is not in the camera and it's burst rate the 4fps are more than enough and a buffer of 10 shots or only 1 second (the discussed HS10 offers a burst rate of less than a second when using full sized jpgs) is also more than enough for butterflies shooting. It is just up to the users ability to use different levels of gear demanding different skills and experience.

Kind Regards,
Yanko Kitanov

I am dreaming to enhance the sensitivity of my own perception and not the sensitivity of my camera's sensor...

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