Olympus 40-150mm for $150

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Re: Got mine yesterday from the Denver store

I figured I'd give this thread one last bump. Paste of my post over at mu-43:

It appears the lens has been removed from the store's main webpage, meaning those who could order online only and received the backorder notice are likely out of luck. That was the bad news. The good news is this: my local store (here in MN) was out of stock last week, however when I checked this afternoon, there was 1 in stock showing! I ordered it, received the notice it was ready and picked it up this evening.

While I was there I took a look in their camera section and well let me back up abit...

The better news is this: Microcenter is kind of the last bastion of brick and mortar, hole in the wall, computer/electronics businesses (bestbuy has shunned the hole in the wall aesthetic for high retail prices and well, what is left after that? Fry's I guess, but they aren't in our area of the country). Microcenter I think competes on price by remaining a relatively dumpy store with little service (kinda like surfing and buying on the internet) and a ton of stock, which isn't necessarily tracked particularly well. Case in point - after I had picked up the supposed last store stock lens (MN now has no listed stock online), there was one sitting right in the camera case still in the box. Moral of that story? If you have the means, go to or call the store - if you try hard enough they might stumble upon one or two that aren't even in their inventory!

As of 12:15AM Central time on 7/16 the following stores are still showing at least one lens in stock:

Kansas City/Overland Park
Saint Louis/Brentwood
Long Island/Westbury
Northeast Ohio/Mayfield Heights
Houston/West Loop

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