D300 - Is this noise normal?

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D300 - Is this noise normal?


I am a long time member here and have been using my D300 for over 3 years now. Now I am not normally a pixel peeper but this 'issue' is easily detectable to even at 25% magnification and was hoping for some opinions on whether this was normal. The area where the shadow appears above the butterfly is showing a lot of noise I think.

It is actually looking more banded in this JPG conversion but the TIFF looks very grainy, even maybe verging on the edge of digital artifacts.

Full Shot, backlit, Nikon D300, Sigma 180mm macro1/250s f/7.1 iso200


I have seen this more and more recently and it is starting to concern me. I always shoot at ISO200 or below, always tripod mounted and always with a remote release. Surely this is not acceptable for ISO200?

As I said, I have been using this D300 for over 3 year and don't remember seeing this issue before. Maybe it's me being more picky these days or hankering after a new body :0~

Any opinions?



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