Gooo Atlantis !!!

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Re: Gooo Atlantis !!!

Wow thank you so much for sharing. This are really exiting photos!


PhotoRecon wrote:

I did it ! I was able to photo the launch of the final space shuttle, Atlantis, which was my very first, up-close launch. And I can definitely assure you it was THE Greatest experience in my so-far life. I found the real-life sensation can not be described in words; and in honest, nor in mere pictures.

Along with the circus of the International media, I was at 3.2-miles away from the actual launch pad (39A), which is as close as the media & others are physically permitted. Most of the invited or paying tour patrons are permitted to a location in an different direction, which is almost twice that distance. And the un-invited general public, who are not permitted onto the guard-secured, Kennedy Space Center property, are typically at 10-miles or greater from the launch pad.

I was able to learn that to make really up-close images & video of the actual launch, which we've often seen through National Geographic, etc, remote-controlled equipment is then brought into play & somehow utilized.

But here's what I came up with with a D3 & an AF-I 600mm f/4 lens attached to it (all of which was manually operated). I had had a 2x teleconverter attached to the lens, but ditched it within 15-minutes or so of the launch: 1) because I was too tight on the vehicle & its structural gantry - and would not have been able to effectively capture the massive energy conveyed by the bellowing-out tower of rocket smoke (a fair distance away), and 2) the atmospheric heat vapor, from the intense Florida heat (even though it had been previously raining) was so severe that it marred-up the tightly cropped-into vehicle - causing the resulting practice images to appear grotesquely out of focus. Although I was at the launch site several days prior to launch, I remained highly-restless about the use of the teleconverter during this entire time - not knowing what to really do about it (to use it or not).

Below here is the link to my first seven images (although I'll be posting more of the made images within the next day or so - which will include my photo-opp images of the astronauts, themselves). Click-on the enlarged image to isolate it if you wish, but if you do, you can still scroll to the next few images. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts of them:


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